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December 2018

Experiential Workshop: Laugh Away Holiday Stress
Saturday, December 15, 11am - 1pm
$35/person, $60 for two

Does the holiday season cause you stress or anxiety? All the shopping, visitors, your long to-do list, you name it! A little laughter can help you get past your worries—and could even ward off illness. Additionally, Psychologists note that people who learn to chuckle at their own foibles, rather than letting annoyances eat at them, may find solutions to their problems easier to come by.

This 2 hour experiential workshop will offer a deeper understanding of how Laughter Yoga can relieve stress, anxiety and depression, which often accompany this time of year, and promote a positive mental state of mind. Participants will engage in laughter yoga exercises ending with a guided relaxation meditation.

Come learn how YOU can make your holidays a little lighter with laughter!

No experience or equipment necessary.

Limited space. Please RSVP for your spot by Thursday, December 13. Questions or to RSVP, email

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$10 per regular session, cash or charge

No experience or equipment necessary. 


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